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About Kwazulu Natal Aquatics

KwaZulu-Natal Aquatics is affiliated to Swimming South Africa. We are here to administer, promote, foster and encourage all Aquatic Sports in KwaZulu-Natal and to assist in providing facilities for the sport of amateur swimming, diving, water polo, artistic swimming and open water swimming in KwaZulu-Natal

The Aim Of The KwaZulu-Natal Web Site

The KwaZulu-Natal Aquatics Web Site focus will be to market KwaZulu-Natal Aquatics and to heighten the awareness of swimming in the Top Swimming Province in the Country (KwaZulu-Natal), at the same time creating content that is informative, helpful, original and interesting to the Coach, Parent, Club and most important of all, the swimmer. At the same time, to try and attract potential sponsors for KwaZulu-Natal Swimming. To focus on providing the KwaZulu-Natal Coaches, Parents, Clubs and Swimmers with up to date information in regards to all Aquatic Sports in KwaZulu-Natal.

The KwaZulu-Natal Aquatics Web Site will aim to become the primary source of information for Swimming in KwaZulu-Natal.


KZNA Executive

The highest decision making body of KZN Aquatics in the KZNA Council which meets on an annual basis. The Council comprises 29 volunteer members representing the district chairpersons, clubs, technical boards and associate members. To improve consultation and sharing of information the council meets on a quarterly basis between the AGM. Outside of the AGM, the day to day operation of KZNA, is entrusted to the KZNA Executive Committee. The KZNA Executive committee is made up of volunteers with a diverse variety of skills and come from various industries, including marketing, communication, engineering, medical doctors, chartered accountants, educators, sports science, social science  to mention a few. The executive meets bi-monthly to make decisions that affect the sport.

KZNA Executive Members

Peter Thompson - President

Peter is a highly respected specialist in the water and wastewater treatment industry where he manages a team of engineers, scientists and technicians undertaking process design, troubleshooting, process optimisation, innovation, research and development. Peter has been a volunteer in swimming for the last 24 years, assisting clubs and technical boards in various capacities. He has been the President of KZN Swimming for the last 8 years and has positioned KZN Aquatics as one of the leading affiliates in the country. Nationally, Peter serves as Vice President of Swimming South Africa, responsible for Water Polo, Education & Training, Ethics and Governance.

Peter also serves on the board of the KZN Sports Confederation (Provincial SASCOC) where he is responsible for High Performance, Membership and Monitoring & Evaluation. Peter is passionate about innovation in sport as well as growing and developing people.

Obed Qulo - Deputy President

Kelly Sloley - General Secretary

Cecil Lindeque - Deputy Secretary

Gerhard Labuschagne - Vice President

Erika Du Plesis - Vice President - King Cetshwayo District (KCD)

Erika has been working for Transnet for 32 years. She was in the security department for 17 years and from there to operations and currently as a PA for a Senior Manager in Johannesburg.

Erika has been involved with swimming since June 2007 when she was elected on the Fish Eagle Swimming Club committee. Over the years she served in a number of different roles in the club committee and was elected chairperson of the Fish Eagles Club in 2012.. She was also part of the Northern Natal Provincial committee until 2014 when Northern Natal merged with KZNA. When the King Cetshwayo District Aquatics board was established in 2014, she was elected as the chairperson for the district and also became part of the KZNA Executive committee. In the 2018-1019 season, Erika took a break from swimming administration, but has however returned to assist again and is serving the KCD region as Chairperson to date.

She is passionate about swimming and has a soft spot for swim teachers and teaching children to swim. Erika also volunteers as an assistant coach to a registered coach and assist with teaching the little ones to swim.

Frans Lindeque - Vice President

Frans had a full time career until 2013 when he retired. He worked for Transnet for 44 years as a Technical Manager.

He has been involved in swimming since 1992, and has held various positions on local, district and provincial levels.

He is currently an Executive Member of KZN Aquatics, and also serves on the District Sports Confederation. Frans is an accredited FINA referee

Willy Williams - Vice President

Anesh Maharaj - Treasurer

Hennie Bezuidenhoudt - Records Officer

Hennie has been working on Transnet for 44 years initially as a Qualified Armature Winder and then a Technical Planner for the last 25 years. He has been a volunteer in Swimming for the last 25 years and has his Green Blazer / SA Colours for Technical Officiating. He has been the KZN Regional Records Officer for the last 24 years. He was also selected as South Africa’s only Certified HY-TEK MAS Contractor by Hy-Tek in regards to Team Manager and Meet Manager. Hennie does Team Manager & Meet Manager Training.

He is passionate about ensuring that aquatics is at the forefront of information and technology development. Hennie retires from Transnet at the end of December 2021 and then intends devoting more time to Swimming if needed.

Professor Rajen Naidoo - Executive Member

Pam Bess - Executive Member for Marketing, PR and Spornsorship

KZNA Swimming Board

KZN Aquatics Swim Board is the Provincial Governing Body for Swimming and Open Water Swimming in the Province of Kwa-Zulu Natal.


The Swimming Board is responsible for:

  • Administering all Competitive Swimming in the Province of KZN in accordance to FINA and SSA swimming rules and regulations.
  • Scheduling all sanctioned KZNA District and Club galas, KZN Provincial and District Championships and Open Water Events to ensure that all FINA and SSA rules and regulations are implemented and that times from these galas are captured onto KZN and SSA Data Base.
  • Supporting and assisting in the administration of Boards, District Committees and Clubs in their respective districts.
  • Supporting all projects approved by KZNA Executive in the development of African Clubs and Swimmers, Capacity building that will enhance the capabilities of KZNA, Fast Tracking of athletes, High Performance of KZNA top Athletes, LTS Programmes and WaterSafety Programmes.

The Swim Board will be part of the LOC for all National and International events allocated to KZNA

Other Aquatics disciplines Diving, Artistic Swimming and Water Polo have a representative on the Board that represents their respective Boards.Coaches Association, Athletes Representative and Tertiary Institutions Representative are welcome to attend Swim Board Meetings. Masters Swimming has their own Committee and does not fall part of Swim Board but are welcome to attend swim Board Meetings. The Convenor from Officials Society, Schools, Education and Training and DISA are members of the Swim Board.

KZNA Swimming Board Members

Rodney Du Toit - Chairperson

Rodney is currently self-employed in a company that does Restoration of all Natural Stone floors and walls. Rodney has worked for 34 years in the oil industry.

As an athlete, Rodney represented SA at School and Under 21 level, coached SA Country Districts first division clubs in Gauteng and Western Province. He has played in 10 Senior Interprovincial tournaments. Rodney still plays Grand Masters Hockey and represented SA at the Masters World Cup in Holland.

Rodney has been involved in swimming for 18 years, starting off as a timekeeper and moved into the admin side of swimming when he became Club Chairman for Aquatic Academy and Mandeville Dolphins and a member of the CGA committee.
Rodney got involved with KZNA at the first KZN Age Group Gala he attended due to a technical dispute – the lesson learned from this dispute was that arguing with technical officials will get you roped into administration of the sport. He is currently convenor of KZNA Swim Board, eThekwini district convenor and is a member of SSA Swimming Technical Committee since 2019.

He has a great passion in organizing events, in 1998 organized the MARCON international conference for Castrol and BP in Cape Town for 250 delegates. In 2011 was Technical Director for Life Saving Commonwealth Games and has been involved with all Olympic, Commonwealth, World cup and SSA National events in KZN since 2009.

Amanda Kinghorn - Secretary

Debbie Mcleod - Member

Khulani Maboso - Member

Cecile Lindeque - Member

Gavin Jackson - Member

Gavin has been involved in Logistics for approx 40 years, He has currently employed by Whirlpool / KIC as their Warehouse and Distribution manager for the last 19 years and responsible for distribution of all KIC white goods in RSA and SADAC countries.

Gavin has been involved with swimming for close onto 20 years. He started his career as a Volunteer technical official with Central Gauteng Aquatics while serving as secretary & treasurer for Albertross Swimminng Club and Wahoo Swimming club. Gavin moved to KZN in 2005 and was appointed on and off as Chairperson for KZN Officials Society from 2009 till current. He has represented RSA as an international technical official at Budapest Hungary LC Champs in 2017 Fina List 18 and is now on Fina List 20 for the Olympics in 2021. Gavin also is KZNA’s facilitator and assessor for all technical training Timekeeping, Judges, Starters and Referees in KZN.

He currently serves on KZNA Swimboard, KZNA Officials Society and KZNA Education & Training Committees. He has achieved full KZN colors and SSA Meritorious award. He is passionate about making sure that the federation has the tools to educate and train officials and by doing so getting our young talented swimmers to achieve their potential in the water.

Rocky Naidoo - Member

Wesley Vickery - Education & Training

Ina Fowler - Swimmers with a Disablity

Tory Krag de Almedia - Swim Teachers

Wayne Riddin - Open Water