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KZNA Hy-Tek Team Stats Online 

TMO is a true searchable Online Database that offers the ability to “find” information about a particular swimmer, meet, or overall rankings in a particular gender, stroke, distance and course.

Hy-Tek Meet Mobile Download

Swim Meets Go Mobile! Download Hy-Tek Meet Mobile and get your meet results on your  iPhone, iPad or Android/Google Smartphone. The Meet Mobile application (app) displays meet results in real time as data is received during meets from the timer (one heat at a time). This app has the ability to display heat sheets, psych sheets, records, team scores, and time standards

Note: Meet Mobile version 3.6.2 for iOS were released on 03/30/19 and version for Android were released on 01/25/19.– we recommend downloading the new version using the links below.