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KZN Aquatics Junior Championships 2022.

Kings Park 05th and 06th February 2022

KZN Junior Championships is open to all registered swimmers from all levels, 13 Years and under as at the first day of the Championships.

Championship COVID Protocols

The following rules will be enforced and anyone breaking or not adhering to COVID Marshalls instructions could be asked to leave the venue and if it is a sever or continues request to adhere to the COVID Protocols will be suspended from the championships.

  1. Masks to be worn at all times
  2. Swimmers to report to marshalling with their masks on and may place them in a basket on pool deck before they move forward to the starting blocks.
  3. Coaches and Managers please remind swimmers to collect their masks after their race as they have to leave pool deck with their masks on.
  4. Swimmers to report to marshalling only when it has been announced what events must report. COVID Officers will ask swimmers to leave the marshalling area if they arrive before they have been called.
  5. When seated 1.5 meters apart, masks must be worn.
  6. Please do not stand around having small talk
  7. The outside pool is for warm up or warm down only and not as the place to gather and chat.
  8. Please sanitise when possible and as often as possible.
  9. We welcome visiting swimmers and officials please hand in a copy of your negative test that is not older than 24Hours the first time you sign in at the COVID Table.
  10. Everyone that enters the venue must sign the register and have their temperature recorded.
  11.  Entrance into the venue will be thru the back entrance only. We will have 3 sign in tables one for coaches and managers, officials and swimmer


These Times will be used as qualifying Times by districts to select their district teams to compete at the KZN Schools Provincial Trials that will be held at Kings Park on the 26th and 27th February 2022.

Rules will be distributed to all schools by the KZNA Schools committee.

.General Rules

  1. The Championship will be swum under FINA, SSA and KZN rules and regulations.
  2. The one start rule will apply.
  3. In the case of a dispute the Referee’s decision will be final
  4. Swimmers wanting to participate in these Championships must be registered with KZN Aquatics and SSA before 1 December 2021 as a Competitive Swimmer.
  5. Entries submitted of swimmers not registered on the data base by the 1st December 2021 will NOT be accepted.
  6. Visiting Competitors will be accepted as long as they are registered on SSA data base before as at the 1st December 2021.
  7. The age of the swimmer shall be determined by the swimmers age on the first day of Championships.
  8. Swimmers may only participate in their own age group as determined on the first day of the Championship.
  9. For all 50 meter and 100 meter events the Championship will be swum as follows:
    1. Age group 8 and under, 9 and 10 year olds Timed Finals.
    1. Age Groups 11, 12 and 13 olds Heats and Finals.
  10. 200 IM and 200 Free will be swum as Timed finals.
    1. Slowest to Fastest.
    1. Medals awarded to
      1. 10 and under
      1. 11 Years
      1. 12 Years
      1. 13 Years
  11. If 10 or less swimmers have entered age group event for 11, 12 and 13 year olds then the event will be swum in the morning as a timed final.
  12. Medal presentation for all age group 8 & under, 9 and 10-year-old, plus relays will be held at the end of the morning session.
  13. Medal presentations will be included during the Finals session.
  14. This is a 10 lane Championship Gala.
  15. Swimmers must report to marshalling for both heats and finals.
    1. A swimmer will be DQ if they do not report to marshalling.
  16. The Finals will commence 90 minutes after the conclusion of the heats or as announced by the referee.
  17. Reserves must report to marshalling for finals.
  18. The Tournament Director and Referee shall have the right to alter or consolidate heats as they deem fit.
  19. 3 x NO TIME ENTRIES will be accepted for these Championship.
  20. No Club entries will be captured if Clubs official duty list is not submitted with gala entries.
  21. All times will be captured on SSA & KZN data base.

Warm Up Indoor and Outdoor pool:

  • Indoor pool opens till 15 Minutes before championship session starting time.
  • Available for warm up thru out the day under Strict Covid Protocol


  • All technical officials to be correctly attired.
    • White top and navy blue longs, shorts or skirts and predominantly white closed shoes.
  • It is the responsibility of the CLUB to ensure that their required number of officials submitted report for duty.
  • CLUBS are accountable to find a replacement if a given official does not report for duty.
  • CLUBS will be fined if the required number of officials does not do duty on that day.
  • Officials are classified as Judges or Time keepers;
    • 1 – 3                swimmers no official required. Volunteering would be greatly appreciated
    • 4 – 10              swimmers – 1 official – 1 x timekeeper
    • 11 – 20                        swimmers – 2 officials – 2 x timekeepers
    • 21 – 30            swimmers – 3 officials – 2 x timekeepers 1 x Judge
    • 31 – 40            swimmers – 4 officials – 2 x timekeepers 2 x Judges
    • 41 +                 swimmers – 5 officials – 2 x timekeepers 3 x Judges
  • Clubs that know that their swimmers will be making finals please allocate those parents to do time keeping and judging in the Final session.


  • Only the accredited Team Manager or Coach of a Club may:
    • Scratch a competitor from the heats or finals.
    • Only a signed scratching form will be accepted.
  • Scratching from a Final to be done no later than 15 minutes after the results have been announced and posted on the notice board.
  • Swimmers that have NOT SCRATCHED and is a NO Show for a FINAL, will be fined R100.00 which must be paid before the swimmer may compete in the following day’s events.  


  • Protests may be lodged against the decision of the Referee in writing by the Team Manager or Coach, together with a deposit of R300.00 within 30 Minutes following the conclusion of a specific event.
  • Protests may be lodged against the decision of the Referee; however, No Protests will be allowed against decisions of Fact.


  • Individual Points:   12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  • Double points will be award for relays in the Club competition.
  • If two relay teams have been entered by a club only the highest placed team will score points for the Club.
  • All relay teams placing in the Top 3 are eligible for Medals.
  • Clubs may enter two relay teams both are eligible for medals.


  • Drug Testing may take place.


  • A Trophy will be awarded to the Club with the highest points scored.
  • Medals shall be awarded to the first 3 finishing swimmers in each age group of the event finals.
  • Trophies will be awarded as follows
  • Top 8 and Under Male and Female
  • Top 9-Year-Old Male and Female.
  • Top 10-Year-Old Male and Female.
  • Top 11-Year-Old Male and Female.
  • Top 12-Year-Old Male and Female.
  • Top 13-Year-Old Male and Female.


Saturday and Sunday Morning Sessions           

Gates Open:                         07H30

Warm Up:                              07H45  

Clear Pool:                            08H45

Gala Starts:                            09H00

Finals   Warm Up:      On Completion of Morning sessions medal presentation.

Finals Start:                90 minutes after conclusion of heats.


  • The relays will be swum as mixed relays with each team consisting of two girls and two boys.
  • The names of the swimmers and reserves must be submitted with entries.
  • The names of the relay team must be finalised one hour after the start of the morning session.
  • Only swimmers entered into the meet may be entered into relays.
  • Swimmers may only swim in the age group they have entered.
  • Clubs that have not got the swimmers to enter a relay may on approval from the TD join with another club to enter a relay team. The swimmers that have been entered as a joint club relay team may not swim in either of the clubs first or second relay teams.
  • NO points will be allocated to the clubs.
  • Joint relay team qualify for medals.
  • These relay entries must be submitted by 10H00 on the day of that specific relay.


Levy;                                       R20.00

Individual Event:                   R20.00

Relay per team:                   R60.00

Spectators will only be allowed to attend if the Officials and Covid duty roster for each session has been signed off by the Referee and TD.

Gate Entry:    Daily               R30.00

Season Ticket                       R50.00

No Championship programmes will be on Sale

Finals Programme:               R5.00

Coaches will receive an updated programme before each session.


Sunday 23rd January 2022


Clubs that have not paid their entry fee by Friday 29th January 2022 @ 10h00 am will have their swimmers removed from the Meet.

Please submit your entries as follows:

1. Individual entries on Team Manager Comm. Link file plus PDF.

2. Relay entries (separate) on Team Manager Comm. Link plus PDF.

3. Manual entry forms to be mailed before 16H00 on FRIDAY 21st January 2022

Entry Fee to be deposited into the following account:

KZN Aquatics Standard Bank

Account Number: 053074564

Branch Code: 045426

E-mail entries and proof of payment to and a copy to

Please use the REFERENCE: Your Club Name KZN JNR CHAMPS 22

Late Entry

  • Late entries will only be accepted for swimmers that have entered the Championships.
  • Late entries will be accepted up to 45 minutes before the start of the day’s heats.
  • Late entries will only be accepted if lanes are available.
  • Late Entry Individual:           R100.00          
  • Late Entry Relay:                  R200.00


No parking is allowed in the back parking area of the Kings Park Complex.

Please do not park on any grass areas as traffic fines will be issued.

Please contact Rodney Du Toit on 0844017428 or if you have any queries.

Have a successful KZN Junior Championship