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LTS Hours

All candidates were informed of the the procedure and pathway to getting certified on the course.

To recap:

# .Once a candidate has sat on the course and written the exam, they can start logging hours (20hrs)     with 2 certified and currently registered instructors.

# As soon as they have finished logging their 20 hours, they need to contact their district coordinator to indicate that they are ready to be assessed and book their assessment. ( In this case the Kzna office)

# Once the assessment is booked, they have a choice of three options to do the assessment.

1. Send in a video – Record yourself teaching a group of 4 learners for 20 minutes. Courier the memory stick to the office.

2. Face to face – The coordinator will arrange the assessment dates, times and venue and inform the candidate. The candidate will choose the most suitable time and arrive at the venue with 4 kids and own equipment. This Assessment will take approximately 1 hour. (15min pre-assessment, 20 min assessment, Feedback after assessment)

3. Via Zoom – Coordinator will refer candidate to contact Assessor and arrangements will be made between assessor and candidate regarding date and time. Candidate will book Zoom meeting and send meeting ID and password to assessor. This assessment will take approximately 1 hour.

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