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SSA Swim School Registration 2021/22

Welcome to the start of Registering your swim school via SSA and your Provincial Affiliate.

SSA does not accredit swim centers because legally SSA does not have jurisdiction over municipality by laws. SSA has since then focused on the internal running of swim schools for accreditation.

All funds need to be paid into the provincial affiliates account, before you start this application make sure you have your proof of payment saved as you would be required to attach it at the end.

Benefits of registering a swim school via SSA; details will be included on the SSA website, SSA accreditation certificate and an SSA Plaque. Use the SSA LTS logo by complying with the CI guidelines and more.

Annual Registration for all teachers/coaches will also be needed for compliance permits to be issued to a Registered Swim school, get in contact with your Provincial/ District Coordinator on the protocols. For new swim schools non SSA accredited instructors will have 2yrs to get themselves aligned with SSA protocols. Non accredited instructors that are employed by swim schools that are renewing their registration must be in the process of aligning themselves with the SSA accreditation processes.

information on the depth, length of the pool will be required please make sure you have all that information for the online registration. The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form.

Link: SSA Swim School